The Memori Premium service requires a monthly paid subscription.

  1. To register a new Memori Premium user account, enter your full name, email address and password information.
  2. Memori Free service: In the Subscription details screen, select Free and tap or click Continue to go to the Activate account screen.
  3. Memori Premium service: In the Subscription details screen, select Premium. Enter your credit card information.
    Note: By entering your credit card information you you are confirming that you are aware that the fee is: $4.99 per month. You can cancel your subscription any time, we’ll charge you monthly until you cancel your subscription.
  4. The Activate account screen prompts you to go to your email box and to find the Memori Unlimited Cloud – Account Confirmation email. Tap or click Activate account in the email.
  5. As soon as the account is activated, you can log into the Memori free or Premium service using your new credentials (user name and password).
  6. All information about your Memory user account is available in the Memori web app settings including manage subscription, credit card information, and including the option to cancel your cancel subscription.

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