The Menu icon on the top bar opens the web app menu options.

  1. Tap (click) on the menu to open the left panel to view menu options. Tap (click) on the main display area to close it.
  2. View user information:
    • User: Memori cloud account username.
  3. Choose the options you want for the content source (only appears on mobile web browsers):
    1. Tap on (click) contentsany content source icon to open a menu with options.
      See the Web app – Content sources section for more details.
  4. Choose Add content to link your cloud accounts and to back up your social media accounts:
    1. Tap (click) Add content to open the Add your content to the Memori Cloud screen.
      See the Web app – Add content section for more details.
  5. Choose My collection to view, manage and share collections:
    1. Tap (click) collectionsMy collections to open the Collections screen.
      See the Web app – My collections section for more details.
  6. Choose Settings to view general info, change password, edit security settings and manage shared links options.
    1. Tap (click) settingsSettings to open the Settings screen.
      See the Web app – Settings section for more details.
  7. Choose to sign out of your Memori account to exit the web app (not available on the mobile app).
    1. Tap (click) sign outSign out to log out.
      See the Memori web app section for details how to sign into the web app.
  8. Help and About:
    1. Tap (click) helpHelp and About to view information about the app.
  9. Terms, Privacy and Contact us:
    1. Tap (click) to open and read the selected the information.

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