Restore content from the Memori Cloud to your mobile device, including Android and iOS device backups and social media account backups (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram).

  1. Select the Restore tab on the home screen.
  2. Tap Restore to this phone to begin the restore process.
  3. Select a backup to restore from: Select one of the listed names to restore from and tap Next.
  4. Select content to restore: Select or deselect the content types you want and tap Next to restore the content to your phone.
    1. Content types to restore to Android devices:
      Photos, videos, music, documents, contacts, events, SMS, MMS, call Log, wallpapers.
    2. Content types to restore to iOS devices:
      Photos, videos, music, documents, contacts, events, SMS.
    3. Content types from your social media accounts:
      Photos and videos.
  5. The next progress screen displays the list of content being transferred with the status icon for each content type to show progress. You have the option to cancel anytime by tapping Stop.
  6. The Restore is complete screen appears when the transfer is finished. Tap Close to return to the Restore screen.
  7. Stop restore: Tap on the Stop button to stop restoring content while in progress.

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