Use photo collections to arrange, manage and share your photos.

Save to collection

  1. photos Tap on the Photos tab and select the photo(s) you want for the collection.
  2. collection Tap Save to collection on the top bar, create a new collection or select one from the list to add the photo(s).

My Collections

  1.  TapcollectionsMy collections on the menu to open the Collections screen.
  2. The screen displays a list of all your photo collections.
  3. Rename collection: Tapmd menu Menu, select Rename, type and new name and then tap Rename.
  4. Remove collection: Tapmd menuMenu, select Remove and then OK to remove it.
  5. Share collection: Tap md menu Menu, select Share and then select the option you want to use to share the collection and follow the prompts.
  6. Tap on a collection to open and view the photos in it.
  7. Tap on a photo to view in full screen view.
  8. Remove photos: Select photo(s) and tap Remove from collection on the top bar.


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