settings Choose Settings to view general info, change password, edit security settings, manage subscription and manage shared links options.

  1. In order to protect your account, you will be asked to authenticate yourself to continue.
  2. Tap (click) Settings to open the Settings screen.
  3. General info: This option allows you to view your Memori account details, registered phone number, Memori account username and email address.
    Edit: Type your new phone number or name and tap Save changes.
  4. Change password:
    Edit: Type your current password, new password, confirm new password and then tap Save changes.
  5. Security:
    Multi-factor authentication allows you to enhance your account’s security by requiring an extra one-time password each time you login to your account. The one-time password can either be sent to your email, or obtained via an authenticator app, such as Google Authenticator, LastPass Authenticator, or others (you can search your phone’s app store).
    Enable the Multi-factor authentication: To enable, check the option and then tap Save changes. Un-check the option and tap Save changes to disable it.
  6. Manage subscription
    1. Manage subscription: Tap (click) on the tab to view your current payment plan and the next payment information.
    2. Credit card information: Tap (click) on the tab to view the current information or tap (click) on the Chang credit card information button to change your credit card.
    3. Cancel subscription: Tap (click) on the tab to open it:
      1. Check the I want to cancel my Memori Unlimited Cloud option in the Are you sure you want to cancel your subscription? checkbox.
      2. Select one of the reasons why you are canceling your subscription.
      3. Tap (click) on Cancel subscription.
        Note: By agreeing to cancel your Memori Unlimited Cloud subscription you are confirming that you are aware that by doing this, at the end of your billing cycle all your backed up media files will no longer be accessible and will be completely removed from the safe storage. After canceling your payment subscription, your account will remain active until the end of that billing period, after which time your account will be cancelled.
  7. Manage shared links: This option allows you to set an expiry date and password to protect your shared links.
    Expiry date: Type (click) on an expiry date and the tap (click) on the Save changes button. To remove the date tap (click) X and then tap (click) on the Save changes button.
    Password: Type a password and then tap (click) on the Save changes button. To remove the password, delete the info and then tap (click) on the Save changes button.

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