Set a schedule for automatic backups of your mobile device.
On Android devices: The daily, weekly or monthly scheduled backup is done automatically by the app.
On iOS devices: A backup notification is sent when a scheduled backup is due, opening the notification will start running the backup in the app.

  1. Tap Next backup on the Back up screen. The screen displays the date and time of your next mobile device backup.
  2. Alternatively, tap Backup schedule on the Settings screen.
  3. Backup frequency: Select one of the options to change the frequency of the automatic backups to:
    1. Daily: Back up the mobile device once a day.
    2. Weekly: Back up the mobile device once a week.
    3. Monthly: Back up the mobile device once a month.
    4. No auto backup/never: Stop automatic backups by selecting No auto backup or Never. This option only allows manual backups by pressing the Backup this phone option when needed.
  4. Backup Time: Set the backup time for your daily, weekly or monthly backups:
    On Android device:
    Tap Time, select AM or PM, change the time and then tap Set to save backup time.
    On iOS device:
    Select the backup time.
  5. Backup day: Set a day for your automatic backups.
    On Android device:
    Select a day of the week for your weekly or monthly backups.
    On iOS device:
    Select a day of the week for your weekly backups.
  6. Backup date: Select a date for your monthly backups.
    On Android device:
    Tap Date and then select one of the dates.
    On iOS:
    Select one of the dates.
  7. Tap on the top < back arrow to save changes and to exit.

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