Mobile App setup wizard

The initial setup wizard appears on first Memori World mobile app launch and runs you through the required steps needed including subscribing to Memori, naming your mobile device, setting up required permissions and defining your backup settings in order to create a secure copy of your Android or iOS mobile device content to the Memori Unlimited Cloud.

  1. Tap on the Memori app icon.
  2. Tap Agree and continue to approve the privacy policy.
  3. View the tutorial and tap Continue.
  4. Sign in to your Memori account to access the app or tap I don’t have an account and follow the prompts to subscribe to Memori and to create a New Memori user account.
  5. Memori Free service: If you sign in with a Memori Free account then the next screen that you will see is the the Memori web app (Memori Unlimited Cloud).
  6. Memori Premium service: If you sign in with a Memori Premium account then you will follow these steps:
  7. Step 1 - Give this device an identifying name:
    Name your mobile device and then tap Next.
    This name is used as the device backup name and appears as the Android or iOS device content source name in the Memori web app.
  8. Step 2 – Permissions:
    Approve all required permissions.
  9. Step 2 – Content types to back up:
    Choose the content types you want to back up and tap Next.

    1. On Android devices:
      Photos, videos, music, documents, contacts, events, SMS, MMS, call Log, wallpapers.
    2. On iOS devices:
      Contacts, events, photos, videos, music
  10. Step 3- Set up automatic upload schedule:
    Set up automatic upload schedule by setting up the backup frequency and time and then tapping Next.
  11. Step 4 – Allow in power saving mode:
    Only on Android devices:
    To allow the in-power saving mode and always run backups on schedule, tap Phone settings and then tap Next to go to the final setup screen.
  12. Step 4 – Restore content from your previous phone:
    When the app detects that your device is a new device, it may prompt you to restore content from a previous device (if exists). If you want to restore, tap Restore contents and follow the process or tap Skip to go to the final setup screen.
  13. On the final setup screen:
    • Tap Backup to go to the Backup screen to set up a secure backup for your mobile device content.
    • Tap Restore to restore backed up content to your mobile device.
    • Tap My content to view and manage the content in your Memori cloud account.
    • Tap Settings to view and modify the user settings.

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